Architecture in Miami is a fusion of cultures, blending modern western design with old world. These structures are unique to Miami and range from the eccentric to highly sophisticated.


Coral Castle

Created by one man, Edward Leedskalnin, over a span of about 28 years, the Coral Castle is listed on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places. Located in Leisure City, what makes it so fascinating is that no one is quite sure how he managed to complete it. Edward would not allow anyone to be present while he built the structure and moved the oolite, a sedimentary rock consisting of fossil shells and coral, himself, which is over 10 miles from the quarry to the location of the castle. The grounds consist of 1,000 tons of stone that he used to construct sculptures, furniture, and a 2 story castle tower, where Edward lived. Most of the structures he created weigh about 14 tons each and are held together without mortar. In 1992, the Castle took a direct hit from a category 5 storm, Hurricane Andrew, and there was no damage done to the rocks.


1111 Lincoln Rd

When you think of architecture, a parking garage is not likely to be what initially pops in your head. The structure at 1111 Lincoln Rd has businesses on the ground floor, parking on the the central floors, and an excellent space for events with a spectacular view of Miami on the top floors. 


Miami Beach Soundscape

Next to Frank Gehry’s New World Center is a small park’s size is just 1 hectare (1.47 acres) however, since it looks much bigger because of the layout and unique architectural elements. The outdoor park area has palm trees intermittently placed, paths that criss-cross, and structures that support vines and plants. This example of landscape architecture in Miami gives visitors the illusion of a much larger space and is used for many outdoor functions.


Amertec Building

If you’ve ever been driving around Hialeah, you may have come across a strange building that looks like some sort of sea monster. The Amertec Building was designed by architect, Chayo Frank, in 1967 for his family’s woodworking business. Frank wanted to make a building that looked organic and like a living creature. At this time, the building is abandoned, or being used for storage purposes.


Bacardi Headquarters

On Biscayne Boulevard stands an 8 story tall concrete building that used to be the headquarters of Bacardi. This landmark building was designed by Enrique Gutierrez in 1967, the outside of the building has a floral design mosaic design by artist, Francisco Brennand, made from 28,000 hand-painted tiles. When asked about the Bacardi Building, Chad Oppenheim, head of Oppenheim Architecture + Design, described it as being, “elegant with a Modernist flavor.”